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The 2014 Employee Engagement Check-Up Survey

Employee Frequently Asked Questions

We affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each HCA-affiliated employee. You are a valuable member of the team. You have a say about your working conditions and are empowered to influence positive change. Our survey Vision Statement reflects these values. It states, “We pledge to give you a voice in the workplace, and to listen to and act upon your views.”

By taking the Employee Engagement Survey, you SPEAK up about things that matter to you. In return, we commit to LISTEN to what you say, ACT on what we learn, and TELL or communicate back to you the improvements we will make.

Q. What is the Check Up Survey?

A. In May, HCA employees participated in the Employee Engagement Survey. The Check-Up Survey is to see if you are aware of actions that have been taken since May and to update your voice on what it’s like to work here.

Q. Why should I participate?

A. Your opinion counts. You are the only one who can help answer the question, "What is it like to work here?" Completing the survey is one way you share your thoughts and opinions with your manager and leaders.

Q. Why is the survey called an "Engagement Survey?"

A. Your satisfaction is important, but we want to go beyond satisfaction. We want to learn what drives your motivation. This is the essence of engagement. For us, it means understanding what makes you passionate about what you do and who you work for, and what motivates you to put forth effort for your patients, colleagues and the company.

Q.What makes someone engaged?

A. Many factors affect the degree to which you are engaged. These include your job, supervisor, staffing, workload balance, communication, opportunities for advancement and growth, reward/recognition, teamwork, cooperation, and confidence in senior leadership. The survey asks questions to gauge your opinion about each of these dimensions.

Q. When is the survey administered?

A. The survey will be open from Dec. 1 – 12 at You should take the survey during a convenient time in your work schedule. The questions will be similar to those in May and will be offered in English, Spanish or Vietnamese. If you do not have a computer in your work area, stations will be made available.

Q. Will I get more information about participating? ?

A. Yes. Before the survey opens, you will receive a "Survey Flyer," a pamphlet that explains the process. It will cover the steps we take to ensure your confidentiality and definitions of key terms used in some of the questions.

Q. Are my responses confidential?

A. Yes. All responses are grouped together or “aggregated” with others in your workgroup. A department report is created only if 5 workgroup members or more have completed the survey. If less than 5 employees in a department complete the survey, the responses roll up to your facility total and a department report is not produced. There are a number of other safeguards in place to ensure that your responses remain confidential:

  • The survey is administered by an outside, independent company.
  • Responses can never be tied back to any particular employee
  • Managers never know who has or hasn’t taken the survey. They can only see response rates by percentages

Q. If it’s confidential, why am I asked for my 3-4 ID number and date of birth?

A. You are asked to provide your HCA 3-4 ID and date of birth because it's the best way to validate your eligibility to participate. It provides a way to track how many employees have taken the survey and allows the greatest flexibility for analyzing all the data that is collected.

Q. Who is eligible to take the survey?

A. Employees in the HCA payroll system as of Nov. 10 will be able to participate. Contractors are not eligible.

Q. As a Contractor, am I eligible to take the survey?

A. No, contractors are not eligible to participate in the survey.

Q. If I wish to re-take the survey once I have submitted it, can I do so?

A. Generally no. Contact your Human Resources Manager.

Q. I get an error that says, “Invalid Survey Login. Please check to make sure all the numbers were entered correctly.” What does this mean?

A. Check to be sure that you are entering the correct 3-4 ID number and your Date of Birth (not today’s date) in the required format.

Q. I get an error, “This survey login has already been used to complete a survey.” What does this mean?

A. If you took the survey online and clicked the Submit button, you are considered to have completed the survey. Contact your Human Resources Manager.

Q. How will the results be used?

Your facility leaders will get the results in mid-January. They will review the results to evaluate whether the actions they have taken are helping to build a Healthy Work Environment. Executives and managers will use the information to identify areas in which they may want to make adjustments or implement changes.

Q. Will management share the results with employees?

A. The expectation is that managers will share the results with their workgroups. Together, your team should discuss your results and suggest action plans to make positive changes within your workgroup and facility.

Q. Where do I go to take the survey?

A. From any computer with internet access, go to and click on “Begin Survey”. If you do not have a computer in your work area, stations will be made available in your location – ask your manager or HR. You can also access the survey using your mobile device. Phone access is not available during the CheckUP survey.