General Questions


Your satisfaction is important, but we want to go beyond satisfaction to learn what energizes you, motivates you, and drives your passion for work. This is the essence of engagement. For us, it means understanding what makes you passionate about what you do and who you work for, and what motivates you to put forth extra effort for your patients, colleagues and the company.
Many factors affect the degree to which you are engaged. These include your job duties, supervisor, staffing, workload balance, communication, opportunities for advancement and growth, reward/recognition, teamwork, cooperation, and confidence in senior leadership. The survey asks questions about each of these factors.


Your opinion counts. You are the only one who can help answer the question, "What is it like to work here?" Completing the survey is one way you share your thoughts and opinions with your team members and leaders.
Yes. Before the survey opens, you can obtain a pamphlet from your manager or HR that explains the process. It will cover the steps we take to ensure your confidentiality and definitions of key terms used in some of the questions.

Taking the Survey

The survey will be available online via computers and mobile devices. You can access the link to the survey at If you are on the HCA network (whether in a facility or via remote connection), you will be able to access the survey without entering an additional user ID and password via Single Sign-On. If you aren’t on the network, you will be asked to log into the network as usual before going to the survey site.
Yes. You will see a “Save and Finish Later” button at the bottom of each survey page. Clicking the “Save and Finish Later” button will save the responses you have entered thus far and exit the survey. You must reopen and submit the survey prior to the specified cutoff date.
Generally no. Contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

You can skip a question if you don't want to answer, or you can select the "Don't Know" option if it's available for that question. For example, a question may ask you to compare something now with an earlier period in time when you were not here.

Please do not answer “neither agree nor disagree” if you don’t know how to answer, because that IS an answer representing a specific opinion.


The online survey is being hosted by an outside vendor. No one within your business unit or your facility will have access to see individual question responses. All individual responses will be grouped with others in each department to create a report. If your department has less than 5 respondents, there won’t be a department level report; your responses will be captured in the total facility report.

There are open ended comment sections. These will be reported “verbatim” or just as you wrote them (removing only inappropriate or offensive words). This means that if your comment includes names or self-identifying information, it will show on the report.


If your employee record was complete in the payroll system on November 27, you will be able to participate.

Contractors are not eligible to participate in the survey. (Employees of HealthTrust and Parallon may receive a survey invitation from their respective business unit.)


Your management team will review the results with you to celebrate strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. They will work together with employees to create action plans aimed at making your facility a better place to work and a better place for patients to receive care.
Yes. You should expect your manager/supervisor to share the results with the workgroup. You and your team should discuss your results and work together to make positive changes within your workgroup and at your facility.

Error Messages

These errors are caused by local network settings. You should contact your location’s network administrator or the IT&S help desk to resolve these issues.
If no activity occurs within 5 minutes, the survey will time out. If you receive the time limit message, you will need to repeat the process to open the survey, but your previous survey responses, if any, will be saved up through the last survey page where you clicked ‘Continue’. You will be able to continue taking the survey from this point.

PC Issues

The survey can be taken on Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11; Firefox; Chrome; and Safari 5.
Your survey responses will be saved from the last survey page where you clicked ‘Continue’. Follow the process to access the survey again; you will be able to continue taking the survey from that point.
  • Open the browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • On the menu bar, click Help, and then click About.

If you are unable to access information regarding your browser version, please contact your local IT&S help desk for support.

For information about installing a different browser, please contact your local IT&S help desk for support.

Additional Assistance

If you need further assistance, contact the HCA hrAnswers Center at

To contact HCA hrAnswers by phone: 1-844-HR-ANSWR (472-6797).