General Questions

About this Survery

The RN Magnet® survey administered by Glint for HCA Healthcare will take place February 18 - March 4.

Only RN in designated facilities which have been designated or are on the journey to Magnet® status. (There’s a different survey for all employees in May.)

The survey is required for Magnet® certification by ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center). We need your participation!

You will receive a company Outlook email invitation with a link to the survey site. Nurses can take the survey on any company PC or internet-enabled workstation. (Smartphone access is not enabled for this survey.)

Yes, all RNs are eligible to participate in the survey. This is regardless of level or the amount of direct patient care they deliver.

Yes, CNO, ACNO, Nurse Managers/Supervisors and Charge Nurses are eligible to participate in the survey.

There are 20 survey questions which cover all of the ANCC required categories for Magnet® designation. There are an additional 2 eSat questions at the end of the survey.

The survey should take only 4-5 minutes.

Yes, the Magnet® survey will be 22 questions in total and asked all at once.

Yes, Glint's survey is approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

We don't anticipate offering this again in 2019, but we will consider offering it more than once per year in the future.

The company wide engagement survey will take place in May. The RN Magnet® survey will take place February 18 - March 4.

Nurses will also participate in the May company-wide survey. Nurses have an important voice in our organization and we want their feedback.

Issues Taking the Survey

The survey can be taken on Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11; Firefox; Chrome; and Safari 5.

Future surveys will allow mobile access, but this survey must be taken using a PC. Use the browser to access

Your survey responses will be saved from the last clicked response. Follow the process to access the survey again; you will be able to continue taking the survey from that point.

  • Open the browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • On the menu bar, click Help, and then click About.

If you are unable to access information regarding your browser version, please contact your local IT&S help desk for support.

Results Reporting

Due to the great amount of interest and participation, HCA will work collaboratively with Glint to prioritize reports by a need basis with the earliest reports being available 2-3 weeks following survey close.

There will need to be 5 or more individuals giving responses for any work unit/team to receive an aggregated report.

Your individual responses are confidential and reported in aggregate groups of 5 or more respondents (for example, your unit or department) to managers and HCA Healthcare. Take care not to identify yourself in any comments you write.